brutal vnemo

Tomaž Grom, the 42-year old Slovenian double bassist, can evince real concern for his instrument, even from a seasoned listener like myself. Sam, Za..., his remarkable home-recorded solo bass document from November 2013, has sections of such tortuous attack and brutal ardor, the resultant sobs, groans and alien yawps prompted me more than once to… Continue reading brutal vnemo

this is the one song / everyone would like to hear

Ange ou Sirène, Qu'importe, si tu rends, — fée aux yeux de velours, Rythme... Charles Baudelaire, Hymne à la Beauté By the time I was ready to write about Robert Curgenven's remarkable Sirène: Selected Pipe Organ Works 1983-2014, a look at his web site made it clear that many already had; more to the point,… Continue reading this is the one song / everyone would like to hear