pointless equations

I am wrapping up my work at one job tomorrow [adieu! adieu! adieu!], beginning a new challenge Monday.
That long malaise, my eight months in a bad work situation, is ending. Everyone who has been in the workforce longer than a few years knows the grip of a bad work situation, the simultaneous dissipation of energies and the fattening of grudges, the quotidian havoc, the sweet relief when you exit.
I am close to resuming my post here, with a great deal of vital music to say something about. Thanks for continuing to check in.

Ten thousand pointless equations left just after
the city’s air heavy with the fat of countless dieters.
Saw Ummon strolling down Wilshire with Yunmen,
unperturbed; disappearing into each other, emerging
with laughter. Saw thirty-three green, walking parrots
watch a single black cat raising the dew as she walked
across the golf course, the first one to the seventh

Jim Harrison, After Ikkyu

Photo: a crow’s egg

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