Heliotrope 7

A pointer for anyone willing to travel to Minneapolis for the seventh annual 3-day festival of “underground music from the Twin Cities and sometimes elsewhere,” the Heliotrope Festival.

Curated by visual artist and guitarist Rich Barlow [of Take Acre, performing on Friday May 28th], and guitarist Erik Wivinus [of Thunderbolt Pagoda, performing on May 29], Heliotrope essentially provides a sweet venue and a respectful forum for bands that can scarcely get a gig elsewhere.

I haven’t attended the fest since 2006, due largely to matters of personal taste and interests [the preponderance of post-rock bands], and the opportunities I have to catch preferred shows throughout the year. This year, however, includes a number of musicians I enjoy immensely, and I want to honor the sweat equity and for-fun-and-for-free efforts of Barlow, Erik Wivinus, and all the musicians who schlep amps, analog synths and kulintang paraphernalia out of Econolines to make a joyful noise.

For details, visit the Heliotrope page on Facebook.

Pictured: Visions of Christ [John Jerry/Casey Deming], photographer’s name unknown, sorry.

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